About Us

Navlight’s story is the story of two brothers.

James Foskett – Managing Director

James is an experienced finance manager with a background in the construction and logistics industries. Frustrated with the overhead caused by an obsolete system of spreadsheets and paper time slips, James set out to bring his company into the modern age.

Unfortunately, he found that most of the products on the market were too complex or simply weren’t designed with companies like his in mind. James needed a new product that would let his employees record their time quickly, simply, and without requiring any specialist training.

Tom Foskett – Technical Director

Tom is a developer and technical editor who has spent years taking complex reporting processes and making them simpler. Tom was looking for a way to track and bill his own freelance projects and hadn’t forgotten the frustration of working with unwieldy enterprise software.

It didn’t take long for the two brothers to realise they had a common cause. With their combined expertise, Navlight was born.