Navlight is a simple, streamlined web application for tracking your time and costs.

Organise Jobs

Keep track of your jobs and customers using Navlight’s user-friendly interface. Break each job down into simple tasks, so you can easily track where time is being spent. Quickly create estimates for any job to report against later.


Track Time and Costs

Book time, materials or equipment to any task with just a few clicks.

Record your work on the move using your phone, tablet, or PC.

As an administrator, add or edit bookings for other users using the same simple interface.

Choose different rates for specific activities and materials, giving you the flexibility to charge appropriately.

Quickly duplicate bookings from one day to another when you’re working on the same job.


Simplify Payroll

See how much time each user has booked for each day, and view their timesheets with the click of a button. Drill down to the detail when needed, with a flexible suite of reports. Export the data to Excel, where it can integrate neatly with your own documents.


Invoice Accurately

See a quick, accurate summary of all costs booked to a job or customer.

View detailed bookings for a particular period or compare the latest spend to your original estimates.

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