Privacy Policy

At Navlight we believe in making things simple. So here’s our simple privacy policy.

Who we are

Navlight is owned and operated by Navlight Ltd. You can contact us at:

Navlight Ltd,
46 Gisborne Crescent,
United Kingdom,
DE22 2FL

How we store and use your information

The information you enter into Navlight is stored in a secure database. Your information is only visible to:

  1. You
  2. Your Navlight administrators (i.e. users from your business who have access to the ‘admin area’)
  3. Recipients of a ‘data feed’ created by your Navlight administrators (see ‘data feeds’ below)
  4. Navlight representatives who are performing services on your behalf

We do not sell or share any of your personal information, and we don’t collect any information about you other than what’s entered into Navlight by you or your Navlight administrators.

Contact information

We will only use your contact information to provide you with:

  1. Essential functions related to your account, for example when you request a new password.
  2. Important information that affects all Navlight users, for example changes to Navlight’s core features.

Payment information

We use an industry-standard third party tool to handle subscription payments. We do not receive or store any sensitive payment information.

Data feeds

Your Navlight administrators (i.e. users from your business who have access to the ‘admin area’) can use a feature called ‘data feeds’ to make live Navlight information available to third parties.

Which information is included in the feed and who it is shared with is controlled by your Navlight administrators. This can include personal information such as names and email addresses.


Navlight uses a simple cookie to remember you while you are logged in. This is essential for Navlight to function correctly and only lasts until you log out of Navlight.

If you select ‘keep me logged in’ when you log in, Navlight will also store a cookie on your device so it can recognise you next time you log in.